Although stewardship at Trinity is ongoing throughout the year, fall is the time when we focus on all the gifts we have received and how we can give back to the church.

This year we have a strong stewardship team that has been discussing how to build on our very successful 2020 campaign and make our 2021 campaign even better. Over the next few months, we intend to offer educational pieces that will help you understand the needs of the church.

But giving to the church should not be based on the of the needs of the church but should reflect the gifts we have to give to show our thanks to all God shares with us. Giving is in many ways a selfish act because it fills our heart with love.
Therefore, we will be sharing thoughts from Trinity parishioners on why they give and how they arrive at the amount of their pledge. And of course, Father Tim will speak to us throughout the fall on the importance of giving.

You will receive your annual appeal letter in October and we ask that you prayerfully reflect on the gifts you have the share with Trinity and make your pledge. On November 22 we will celebrate all that we have accomplished.

Please know at any time you are welcome to reach out to the Stewardship Committee, the Vestry, or Father Tim, to help with the campaign or to ask for insight or guidance to make your pledge.

The 2021 Stewardship Committee
Jim Burress, D’Arcy Carr, Terry Commodore, and Geer Isdale