An Invitation to be a

Preservationist of Trinity Church

Newport’s Beacon Light



Trinity Church was founded in 1698 to serve the spiritual needs and well-being of the populace, and has continued to do so for the 319 years since. It is the most distinguishing landmark of this beautiful city… a beacon to all who arrive by land or by sea.

The continued relevance of Trinity’s historic role in the life of the community is dependent on the generosity and support of enlightened individuals who care about their legacy in preserving the best for future generations.

Restoration & Growth

with a

 $3 Million Budget

Trinity Serves, the campaign for Trinity’s preservation, will raise $3 Million (or more!) to accomplish four key projects – all designed to secure the future of this historic Newport institution.

  • Historic 1726 Church Building: Upgrade climate control systems and security
  • Honyman Hall Parish House: Renovate and increase program space.
  • Assembly & Music Hall: Using the original foundation footprint, replace the demolished, unhealthy Carr-Rice House with an architecturally attractive glass-facade building that reflects rather than conflicts with the beauty of its historic surroundings.
  • Landscaping: To complement the Maya Lin design of Queen Anne Square and improve pedestrian & vehicle traffic patterns.

More information on the campaign can be found here, or you may email or call the project office ( or 401-846-0660).