Update: February 2022

Commerical Kitchen Upgrades:


Our present kitchen is inadequate.  From the beginning of the meal preparation to the end of service, opportunities abound to improve efficiency, food safety, and food quality.  In addition, a well-designed kitchen would make it easier to nurture Trinity community with easier to produce events like pancake supper, or Sunday brunch, or choir dinners.

  • Stovetop: small burner size means it takes at least 30-60 minutes to boil large quantities of water (for example for pasta) or sauté large quantities of onions, meats, etc
  • Food Safety: having two ovens will make it easier to ensure proper food temperature is reached in a short period of time.
  • Washing stations: hard to process large amounts of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Storage: from garbage cans, to tables and chairs, to coffee urns, and sheet pans, nothing is designed for commercial storage
  • Environment: we would love to move away from disposable plates and cups when we return to sit-down meals. We did move to stainless cutlery in 2019 which saved a ton of plastic, but frankly it is a lot of work to wash and we waste a lot of water.  The current dishwasher does not enable us to do plates and cups..  A commercial dishwasher can run a cycle in minutes – and the dishes are already racked and easy to put away for the next use.

Collaborating with 2 Hands Studio, Trimark Food Service and Behan Brothers, Trinity will construct a commercial kitchen to address these challenges.

Update: January 2022

Trinity Church – Help us build on 300 years of Service

A New Building for present and future Trinity Parishioners

  • A New kitchen for Community Meal and Parish Functions
  • Handicap accessibility for meetings and offices
  • New space for kids programs
  • New Bathrooms – unisex, family size, and for new mothers
  • Energy efficiency 
  • Choir Space 

What we need to do:

As we contemplate the contemporary needs of individuals in Newport looking for spiritual growth and confronting pressing challenges, we know that we must focus on expanding our services to the community by:

  • Expanding our programs for children and families
  • Expanding our Community Meal offerings
  • Expanding our ability to offer support to those both suffering from recent loss and celebrating life milestones
  • Making our space accessible for differently-abled persons
  • A lively music program

Currently, we do not have the space that we need to offer these elements. 


100% Parishioner Support –

Our Building, Our Future, Our Job to Build it

  • This campaign requires buy-in and support of all.
    • Members, Newcomers, Vacationers, and Local Community
    • Senior & Young families
    • and those that turn to Trinity during a life event

2 Year Financial Commitment

  • We are requesting commitments over the next 2 years and asking each family to consider making Trinity its top charitable priority for the next two years. 
  • If you already gave, and can do so, please give again. 
  • We need to dip DEEP to ensure Trinity’s future! 

This campaign depends on community members like you, thank you for your continued support.