We Are Seeking…..


Trinity Newport is a community of Episcopalians who cherish our historic congregation and church right in the heart of Newport’s colonial harbor-front neighborhood.  We are comprised of families, couples, singles, seniors, students, and visitors who live, work, pray, love, and form the diverse population of Newport and its surrounding towns on Aquidneck Island and in other towns on Narragansett Bay.   Our parish has strong bonds of cohesion that have kept us thriving during the Rector search process, and in fact the sense of community has gotten stronger as we hold ourselves together searching for new leadership.  We are dedicated to finding the right fit in a rector because of our strong sense that we can flourish with the best fit possible.


What is the best fit?  We are looking for a priest with diverse gifts who can thrive in Newport.  Our new rector must have a sound background in many areas:  administration, financial management, inspirational preaching, adult and children’s Christian formation, music supervision, pastoral care, capital campaign leadership and vision, planning for building community partnerships/bridges, and strong fellowship/social interaction.  We want a preacher who is engaging, humorous, grounded in scripture, and inspirational; we want to be fully engaged when listening to a sermon.  We hope that music is really important to the Rector so that our music program gets the support it needs.  We need leadership to get our physical building requirements defined, designed, and funded.  We seek a good communicator who can encourage and elicit volunteerism and engagement from the parish.  We want a Rector who loves to attend events and socialize with us.  We need a strong administrator who is responsible to a budget and realistic about what we can and cannot undertake.  Our best fit is a Rector who can wear many hats and act as leader of a medium size community parish where there is modest staff support.


Newport is a legendary seaside resort community that can be researched on thousands of websites.  We want our new Rector to understand that greater Newport is not just the summer jewel of the rich and famous.  It is a colonial town, a Navy town, a yachting town, a town of businesses and professions, a town of underserved low-income residents in the largest Title 9 housing projects in the state, a town of retirees and seniors, a town of upper middle class families, a town of economically struggling residents.  Trinity Church includes all these “towns.”  The common theme that all these groups find here is that Newport offers a quality of life and beauty unmatched on the East Coast.  As faith in God binds our congregation together, love of Newport’s quality of life binds the many diverse “towns” together. We are seeking a Rector who “gets” the sense of place and quality of life Newport uniquely offers.


Interested applicants contact:

The Rev. Canon Dena Cleaver- Bartholomew
Canon to the Ordinary
401 274-4500 x 232