Hey y’all, I’m so glad you are reading this.

Besides being beloved children of God, wondrously made in God’s image and likeness, you and I have something in common – we have been a part of Trinity Church Newport for four years or less. We came here after the oft referenced”difficult time” (take me out for coffee or drinks one day – I’ll fill you in on all that happened before we got here), after they had called the first female Rector (OK, so actually I didn’t come after that – I am that!), after the faithful members of this parish defied all odds and did not close up shop. We joined God’s Trinity Team together.

We are newcomers.

And because of that, I know that sometimes we feel like it isn’t our place to speak up, or jump in. Sometimes we wonder whether we are allowed to participate in planning for the future of this amazing church. So, I just wanted to say that it is our place, we can jump in, and speak up, and have a say in how we, together, answer God’s call to serve in this place.

Want to know who else was a newcomer?

Imagine salvation history if those folks had sat quietly by, thinking it was “too soon” to be able to contribute meaningfully to the life of the community!

Now, to be honest, my reason for writing this is not just to give y’all a little pep talk, to make you feel included and loved – ’cause that is already the truth. No, I’m writing this because on Sunday, May 18 after the 10 o’clock service we are going to have an all-parish meeting that will be focused on the future of this place – and I need all y’all to be there. To be there, to speak your mind, to get excited about how God is moving in this place.

We are newcomers, and we are included in God’s vision of Trinity Church.