This year will have a different look for those that have worked in the Patch before.

First of all, we will all be masked. There will be a fence of sorts around the whole patch with an entrance and an exit and one way markers. It will look a lot like the Farmer’s Markets since Covid. We will have signage up to ask people to not come in if they have any of the Covid symptoms or have been exposed. There will be six foot distance signs to keep people where they should be. There will be sanitation stations throughout the Patch. We will ask people to use the sanitation station first as they enter the Patch and then as they exit.

There won’t be any toys this year and the baked goods will be displayed behind the table not on it. Ciders will be served as ordered and covered. The volunteer will use gloves and then dispose of them. We will be using the tablet for most of the sales with a Square reader so you don’t have to handle peoples credit cards. They will also be able to pay with their phones with this device. We will also be taking Pre-orders for pick-up. These will be prepaid online. (They will then have a few to choose from when they arrive but we hope to make this easy for our volunteers.) There will be a double table to give you more distance between you and the guests. You will not have to “enforce” the policies but you can ask if you want. We are guessing that most if not all visitors will be compliant.

The City Council approved our license in the meeting last night so we are a GO!!! We just need all of you to sign up! The last day to cancel the load of Pumpkins is Oct 1. We need to have a full volunteer schedule by then. It is starting to look better! We are getting excited and we will have a lot more help from the community this year! New friends to meet! Can’t wait to see all of you in the Patch!

There will also be changes to how we are doing the delivery. I will be posting something next week.
Stay tuned!!! We need another pickup truck and a few more wheelbarrows!

Many blessings, Diane Myers


Unloading the Trucks
October 15th at 5PM

Arrive with a mask, refillable water bottle, gloves, and a wheel barrel or wagon if you have one. We also need three pick-ups, so please let us know if you can help! We have reached out to Salve, Seaman’s Church, Martin Luther King Center and Newport Community School to help with younger volunteers. This year we will work in small teams around a pick up truck. So you can come with a team or we will put you with a small group to keep who we are exposed to to a minimum. We will all be masked and gloved at all times.

Volunteering in the Patch:
October 16th through the 31st
M-F: 12PM – 6PM, Weekends: 10AM – 6PM

Monday – Friday: 2 shifts
(11:30 – 3PM or 3 – 6:30PM)
We need a minimum of 2 people per shift

Saturday and Sunday: 3 Shifts
(9:30 – 12-30PM, 12:30 – 3:30PM, or 3:30 – 6:30PM)
We need a minimum of 4 people per shift

Families and close friends are great to fill a shift as you have all been together through this. We will also make sure that we all keep 6 feet apart if you are not part of a family unit. You will be outside the whole time and we will be making sure that everyone in the Patch is Covid free and will have a mask on to enter.
There will even be an option for pre-sales this year!

We need to have our volunteer roster filled by October 1st, as that is that last day we can cancel the truck! We want to have this Patch be successful but we all need to do our part especially those of us that are younger and healthier. Pick a shift with the link below and ask your family and or friends to help!

We need all hands in the Patch!
Click Here to Volunteer



Please help us make our upcoming Pumpkin Patch (Oct 16-31) be safe, fun, successful and delicious!

We need volunteers to bake small and large Pumpkin breads and Cranberry breads, cookies, and jars of Apple butters, etc. for us to sell.
Kindly bake (wearing masks and gloves) and place cooled baked items in individual ziplock bags.
The items can be delivered to Trinity the first day of the Patch (Friday, Oct 16) between 10-noon; and thereafter any Sat and Sunday the Patch is open.

We will especially want lots of freshly baked items on the weekends!

If you can help bake or if you have any questions or concerns, please contact Ellen Patterson 508-397-7330 or Thanks for contributing your time and talents towards this important Trinity community event!