Pumpkins Arrive October 17th

We need your help!


“Working on the patch is about so much more than selling pumpkins, baked goods, or lunch. I can’t tell you how many people I have met from all over the world, and from just up the street, and every single person has been a delight to know. In addition, the money raised on the patch supports a wide variety of organizations including Martin Luther King, Jr. Community Center and Rising (a fantastic program for developing singer-songwriters), along with our own parish outreach programs.”

Diane Myers, Pumpkin Patch Founder


Ways YOU Can Be Involved


Help unload pumpkins on Thursday, October 17 at 5pm

The more the merrier as we have to unload Pumpkins from half of an eighteen wheeler in a few hours!  Please bring gardening gloves if you have them.  Pizza and drinks to be provided!

Link to sign up online: https://signup.com/go/wwFeKQL

Volunteer for shifts between October 18 and 31

Weekdays, weekends, mornings, afternoons – your choice! There are three different kinds of shifts: Selling Pumpkins, Staffing the Food Table, and Tending the Baked Goods Sale. Please pick your day, time, and preferred task!

Link to sign up online: https://signup.com/go/wwFeKQL


Contribute to the Bake Table or Food Table (Weekends only)

Have a favorite cookie or cupcake recipe, or Pumpkin themed treat?

Ready to turn pumpkin puree into soup, chili, or some other delicious item? Great! Any harvest style crockpot dishes are perfect for our food table.

Contact: Diane Myers – dianemassage99@gmail.com or Debby Lengyel – debby.lengyel@gmail.com