Timeline of the Search Process:

✔ Assignment of Teams. Portfolio Team, Communications Team, Discernment Team, Prayer Team, Website Team, Welcome Team.
✔ Selection of Interim Rector.
✔ Portfolio Team creates Portfolio and answers Twelve Questions.
✔ Canon posts Portfolio on national and regional databases.
✔ Canon and Bishop receive and recruit applicants. Canon interviews and screens applicants for suitability and fitting our requirements.
✔ Bishop reviews all applicants and approves a list for submission to the Discernment Team.
✔ Discernment Team reviews applicants and their materials and chooses which candidates to interview.
✔ Discernment Team conducts hour long interview remotely over internet platform.
✔ Discernment Team selects 2-3 finalists and does background checks.
✔ Discernment Team brings finalists for three day visit with Discernment Team only. This extended interview includes multiple small group situations, tour of the town, sharing conversations and meals, having a Eucharist with sermon and adult education forum, and a formal interview. This is to spend quality time together and get to know each other. If appropriate a spouse is often included in the visit.
✔ Our Bishop discusses candidate with his local Bishop.
✔ Discernment Team recommends one finalist to the Vestry/Bishop’s Committee.
• Vestry/Bishop’s Committee invites finalist to a final visit, including spouse.
✔ Vestry/Bishop’s Committee elects the rector and authorizes 1-2 people, usually the Senior Warden, to negotiate terms with the finalist. A letter of agreement is drawn up. The final LOA is submitted to the Bishop for approval.
✔ Vestry/Bishop’s Committee coordinates with the priest and makes the announcement of the election of the Rector to the congregation.

Welcome Team takes over.