Dear fellow Trinity members:


September begins our fall stewardship campaign.  


Introductory postcards will be mailed next week and letters will be mailed to the parish members at the end of September.
We hope to receive all pledges by October 24th.
We will celebrate the stewardship season on October 24th with a brunch following the
10:00 service in Honyman Hall.


Please keep your eye here on the e-tower for information that can help you determine your stewardship pledge for the upcoming 2022 year.


And know that Father Tim, Deacon Christine, or any member of the Stewardship committee
is available to answer questions or guide you as you reflect on your gifts and prayerfully consider your pledge to Trinity.


Thank you,


The 2022 Stewardship Committee
Geer Isdale, Terry Commodore, Jim Burress, D’Arcy Carr, and Diane Myers