During the lead up to our fall Stewardship Campaign for 2020, we will be providing a variety to help you best understand the financial status of Trinity Church.  Please see the pie charts below to understand the current cash flow of our church.


The Vestry is committed to achieving a balanced budget each year, and we are very blessed to have an endowment that helps us our greatly.  Other churches whose founding ancestors dreamt big did not have subsequent ancestors who saw to the building of an endowment to care for such an expensive part of a congregation’s life.  Our ancestors left enough to cover buildings and grounds, utilities and cleaning supplies, and a bit more toward someone to do the cleaning (although the Vestry opted not to have someone on staff at present, which is helped by sacrificial volunteerism).  [Actual building costs are about 18% of our budget and endowment income is about 23%.]  Basically, we use the buildings and grounds at no cost to us.  Since a few parishioners are also good at grants and fund-raising, we have obtained much help in our repairs and upkeep—all of it.  We shall celebrate these gifts next week.


Still, Trinity Church operates on a very tight budget.  It is expected that the clergy expense will increase in 2020 when we call our new rector.  During this period the Interim Rector is working at 75% of full time and since he is retired, we do not have to pay 18% of that amount to the Pension Fund, nor do we have to provide a full insurance package, for a savings (annualized) of well over $50,000.  The costs associated with the search and moving the new rector here will be additional 2020 expenses.  The Vestry is greatly aware that as capable as our administrator is, her position needs to be full time because so many committees expect her to work on their behalf.  We have gone without a sexton for a while, thanks to many volunteer hours spent caring for our facilities, but we need either a part-time sexton or a cleaning service.


Some of the above represents critical needs and some represent great hopes to make our life together better.  When you read this, please note that this is only about operations and ministries each year, ministries through which all of us benefit; and we are not even paying the cost of what we receive.


If any of you continue to hold some unhappiness about past stewardship campaigns and/or other fund raising, let us talk about it.  We are most willing to develop forums for us to work through any heartburn from the past.  Thank you for taking all of the above seriously and considering the parish’s need and your capacity as a giver.


Geer Isdale and the Stewardship Committee