The three conversations we scheduled, even though on different days and at different times, were not well attended.  My plan was to ask a series of questions to help people think about their relationship with God, with Trinity Church, with each other and with money.  This is about what we/you value, what we/you are grateful for, and trying to imagine how we/you might put a dollar amount to that.

Here are some questions to help you reflect:

  • When you first attended Trinity, was there anything in particular that made you want to return? What was it?  What more have you found here?
  • How long have you attended Trinity, and have you made friends here with whom you socialize? Do you have friends here you ask to pray for you when you are in need?
  • Trinity seems to have gone through a “lull” in its enthusiasm and as a community. Do you see or feel any changes in our spirits right now?
  • What do you think you can do to help Trinity grow in any and every way?
  • How do you make decisions about giving to charities? Are some of your charitable gifts on impulse? (as in responding to disasters).  Do you gift some charities annually, quarterly, monthly?  To what charity do you give the most?  Why?
  • How do you decide what this parish community and church is “worth” to you? If you are married, do you make your decision as a couple?  If so, what kinds of questions do you ask each other?
  • Is your pledge mostly an obligation because you feel you have to? Do you give out of gratitude or guilt?  Is your pledge an investment in hope, hope that the gospel of Jesus Christ may always be preached here?


Here are a couple of slogans I’ve heard over the years. I hope you get a chuckle out of them:


      • God loveth a cheerful giver; but God will take the money of a grouch.
      • Some people say, “Give until it hurts.” I say, “Give until it feels good.”
      • I’ve upped my pledge; UP YOURS!