These charts graph the range of the pledges for the current year, 2019. Over 275 pledge request letters were mailed and Trinity received 105 pledges reflecting 38% participation and received a total of $216,577.

Of the 105 pledges

65 families (62%) pledged less than $2000
Totaling: $55,467 (25.6%)

40 families (38%) pledged $2000 or more
Totaling: $161,110 (74.4%)

The 2019 campaign reflected a decrease of pledge dollars which was also the case for the 2018 campaign.

For a healthy future for Trinity Church, both the Vestry and Stewardship committee feel strongly that this trend must be reversed. The reliance on the small endowment is increasing each year. Currently, the pledge dollars received do not cover the day to day costs of salaries, ministries and operational costs. Ideally, the endowment should only be used to cover the expenses of our buildings.

There is more information about the income, expenses and proportional giving on the website,
We will continue to share info with you and add this info to the website so please check back for the updates.

After reviewing this information, we ask that you prayerfully consider making a pledge if you have not done so previously. And for those of you who have pledged in the past, we thank you for your commitment and ask that you please consider increasing your pledge, maybe even by ½ or 1% of your income.

Pledge request letters will be mailed the beginning of November and we hope to receive all pledges by Pledge Sunday, November 24th. If you have any questions about Stewardship and determining your gift amount, Bishop Jim, Father Alan, and every member of the Vestry is available to help. Please just reach out.

The Stewardship Committee