This is Us!

“This is Us” features a rotating group of regular Trinity parishioners who want to tell you what this church means to them.  We will highlight four new profiles monthly.  Our goal is to help you see that we are a diverse, committed, and involved community. Please join us!

Camilla Bradley and Boe (3½):

When I first lived in Newport, I had no family here except Husha Auchincloss, my godfather. He was my bridge to Trinity when I was a single mother living here. Husha died the day of my wedding to my husband Joe. At my wedding, my older son, Jack, walked me down the aisle of Trinity holding Husha’s cane…that way he was indeed part of my wedding on the day of his death. So I was married at Trinity and both my sons were baptized here. It is our church.

John Ficaro

The meaning of church has changed for me over the years. From when I was young, attending Catholic mass until recently, becoming an Episcopalian over a year ago. I find that as I have aged, going to church allows me to enter the week feeling renewed and often leaves me thinking about things in my life I could improve on…it prompts me to actively seek God through the week. Trinity has opened its arms to my wife, Kim, and me and has welcomed us into its family.


I am Ezekiel the poodle, but you can call me EZ. I came here a few months ago with my dad, Bishop Jim, when he became interim Rector. I am new here, but I really dig my office and the biscuits everyone gives me. I get to hang out with my dad all day and greet everyone who comes by. I behave very well and make sure to say good morning to every staff member so I can see if they have any extra goodies for me.

Larry Glenn

Trinity is beautiful Church! In addition to being beautiful, the parish does a lot of good things like providing community meals. Helping with this creates a deep sense of satisfaction and a lot of fellowship with others in the Parish.

Rob Walker

When I first came to Newport thirty years ago I was immediately drawn to Trinity Church because of its architectural beauty and significance along with its long important history.

I was further attracted by the bright, serene space and strong musical tradition. Since then, despite some rocky and uncertain years, my love has deepened through active participation as an usher, soup kitchen volunteer, choir member, and lay reader. Most of all, my affection stems from many caring parishioners and great shepherds such as Nigel Andrews, Paul Koumrian, and Alan Neale who have inspired and guided me.

Madeline (age 10) and Campbell (age 13) Carr

According to the children’s mother, D’Arcy Carr, “Trinity is a happy place and a spiritual home for our family.  When the kids were little, I would let them bring books and they would sit on the floor of the box pews.  Sunday mornings were my time for pause and reflection and I loved that Trinity made it so easy to bring little kids to church.   Now that they are older, they participate fully in parish life, and I hope that gives them a foundation and a framework to help them navigate the highs and lows and inevitable challenges on their journey to adulthood.  Of course, if you asked them their favorite part of Trinity, they would probably list: coffee hour, box pews, Sunday stories, listening to the choir, communion, helping out at pumpkin patch, and serving community meal.”

Heather de Pinho

My husband, Michael, and I moved to Newport nearly 21 years ago and opened up the Samuel Durfee House Bed and Breakfast.  We visited Trinity Church the winter of 2018 when we were looking for a church home.  The priests and parishioners were so welcoming that we never looked elsewhere!  Two years later, we welcomed our son, Jaxson, who was baptized in this beautiful and historic church. I came from the Methodist Church and went through the adult confirmation classes and was formally received into the Episcopal Church after my son was born.  I felt a true connection to the spiritual life at Trinity.  My husband and I have both served on the Vestry and been involved in many different committees. There are many things that I love about Trinity Church but what I love most is the sense of community.  Trinity is made up of a diverse group of people and everyone is so kind, friendly and helpful to each other.  I love being part of such a wonderful community!

Debby Lengyel

We Lengyel’s came to Trinity 28 years ago for the Baptism of our oldest child Erik and found a warm and welcoming community. My daughter Kait calls Trinity her other family and when she comes home is excited to come to services to see her extended family. I have been involved in everything from reading to running the Sunday School and have been on the Vestry twice. I have loved volunteering at the Founders Day Fair, Silver Tea, Pumpkin Patch, and Strawberry Festival.  I like to seek out unfamiliar faces on Sundays to personally welcome them to Trinity Church.  I love when someone comes back to me later and says thank you, we stayed and we love it here. I love it here.  I am a home care nurse and Patrick is a chef at Roger Williams University and our 2 children were brought up here. I continually am fed in many different ways at Trinity Church. At this time I am working with the design committee for the new building and am excited to be involved with Trinity’s next chapter.