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In November 2018, the Vestry authorized the creation of two bodies, a Design Committee and an Oversight Committee, to guide the church’s interaction with the architects, engineers, and other professionals engaged to design our new building. While the Oversight Committee will be appointed by the Rector and Wardens, members of the Design Committee will be selected from those current parishioners who complete the attached application.


Trinity Commons Design Committee

The Design Committee consists of the Chair, who is also on the Trinity Serves Steering Committee, and up to four (4) members. The group’s primary responsibility will be working with internal and external users and the architects to determine the overall design of the new building.


Those called to serve on the Design Committee are active members and contributors who know about the church’s ministries. Their familiarity with church programs and activities gives them insight into how a building project can capitalize on opportunities for growth, outreach, and member service. Committee membership requires enthusiastic support for the project, the ability to maintain strict confidentiality, ease with the use of email and other electronic communication tools, and a commitment to attend all meetings.


The Chair or, in his/her absence the Co-Chair, acts as the group spokesperson, schedules and oversees committee meetings and may represent the church before the diocese. A committee Secretary takes minutes and attendance, distributes minutes, agendas and meeting reminders, and tracks information. All members help to draft the building committee’s mission statement.


The committee will review work previously completed that identifies and evaluates the needs that the new construction must meet. This includes input gathered from the congregation and greater Newport. The committee may decide to either host, or work with the architects to host, additional information gathering sessions as appropriate.


The committee will coordinate with the campaign finance committee to ensure budget compliance.


The Design Committee will work cooperatively with an appointed Oversight Committee. Comprised of members of the parish and the community-at-large, the Oversight Committee will meet with the Design Committee and architects at regular intervals and/or at major milestone points in the project. The task of the Oversight Committee is to provide feedback as the design progresses to insure ongoing buy-in from the widest group possible without hindering progress.


Together, The Design Committee and the Oversight Committee will present the program and the schematic design to the steering committee for approval, after which the steering committee will submit it to the Vestry and, if approved, take it before the entire church.

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