Welcome to Trinity Church.


Welcome to Trinity Church!

We are so happy that you are interested in Trinity Church.  We hope that you have found a place where you can discover Christ just as you are, just where you are in your life and your spiritual journey. Wherever you are in your spiritual life, you are welcome here and invited to fully participate in Trinity’s worship, in the Eucharistic bread and wine, and in our programs.

Who are we?  We are a community of Episcopalians gathered in Christ, serving and supporting one another and those in need.  We come from all backgrounds, neighborhoods, and spiritual homes on our own journeys to find Christ.  If you are interested in meeting us, we encourage you to come worship with us at Trinity and joining us for fellowship.

What brought you here?  We hear many answers to this question.  Some say it is our historic and architectural beacon of a church in the heart of Newport.  Some say they are Episcopalians who have just moved here.  Some say they are from other denominations and are exploring the Episcopal offerings.  Some are truly seekers who are looking for a closer spiritual relationship with Christ.  Some are looking for community fellowship.

Your agenda is valid whatever brings you to Trinity Church.  You are welcome here.

To find out more about us, please explore here:

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If you would like to talk about becoming a member, please contact one of the clergy.