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Staff and Vestry

Trinity Church Staff

The Reverend Canon Anne Marie Richards, Rector
(401) 846-0660 ext. 203; rector@trinitynewport.org


Not Photographed:


Cassandra Dias, Administrative Assistant
(401) 846-0660 ext. 202; adminassistant@trinitynewport.org


Dr. Giles Brightwell, Music Director
(401) 846-0660; musicdirector@trinitynewport.org

Barbara Roos, Capital Campaign Manager
(401) 846-0660; projectmanager@trinitynewport.org

The Reverend Alan Neale, Assisting Priest
(401) 846-0660 ext. 205; assistingpriest@trinitynewport.org

Brian O’Malley, Financial Consultant
(401) 846-0660 ext. 204; bookkeeper@trinitynewport.org

Trinity Church Leadership

Tatiana Schweibenz, Senior Warden
John Smith, Junior Warden
Elaine Burress, Treasurer
James Patterson, Assistant Treasurer
Phoebe Livingston, Clerk

Diocesan Delegates

Brad Beebe and Diane Myers, Delegates

Phoebe Livingston and Bob Smith, Alternates

Vestry Members


Class of 2019

Brad Beebe
Cynthia O’Malley
B. Mitchell Simpson


Class of 2020

Pamela Alexander
Geer Isdale
George Oestreich

Class of 2021

D’arcy Carr
Fred Green
David Killebrew

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