Worship Support

Participants in the flow of the service

Altar Society

The Altar Society is a group of women (although men are most welcome!) working behind the scenes to prepare the church for worship under the direction of the clergy. They prepare all the elements needed for worship (Eucharist, Wedding, Funeral, or Memorial service), set the altar table, wash and mend linens, polish silver, clean the altar area, and arrange flowers. After the 10:00am service, in conjunction with TLC  (Trinity Loving Community) the Altar Society delivers flowers to the sick, bereaved, and those celebrating special occasions.


The Ushers greet and help with the seating for all those attending regular services and events. The Ushers also pass the collection plates for the offering and deliver the host to the altar for Holy Communion. If you are interested in joining our Ushers, please contact the parish administrator for more information.


Acolytes & Chalicists

The Acolytes light the altar candles, lead the opening procession carrying the crucifix, and carry the crucifix to the center isle for the gospel reading. During Holy Communion the Acolyte hands the elements and vessels to the Celebrant to prepare the communion while the offering is being taken, accepts the offering plates from the ushers, and presents them to the Celebrant for a blessing. If there is only one priest, the Acolyte assists as a second Chalicist during communion. At the conclusion of the service, the Acolyte leads the choir and clergy in the closing procession and then extinguishes the candles.

The Chalicist administers the chalice at communion. The Acolyte may also serve as a Chalicist when needed.


Intercessors & Lectors

The Intercessor leads the Prayers of the People and any designated readings.

The Lector reads the appointed scripture passages for the day and leads the Psalm reading if it is not chanted by the choir.