“Peace” – July 22, 2018

Truly from a bountiful array of possible sermon themes, I felt the Lord lead to a particular theme this morning “He/Christ is our Peace.” As I heard the rain pouring on dry ground so I thought of how often our lives are so thirsty for peace. The sermon text is below...

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“Would you believe it?” – July 8, 2018

JULY 8, 2018 I think the concept that Jesus (Son of God, Son of Man) can be amazed, shocked about anything is in itself… amazing and shocking. No wonder that such a human characteristic is found in the very human Gospel of Mark. Like many sermons there were themes...

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“All working together…” – May 27, 2018

I find Trinity Sunday one of the most engaging, exciting days on which to preach. I have in mind words of wisdom from early church fathers who wrote about “economic trinitarianism” (we best understand the triune God as we observe God at work) and also words from...

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