Generations of Giving


2022 Stewardship Campaign Timeline


Mid September
Watch our weekly E-News Announcements (emailed out every Thursday) regarding the importance of Stewardship, giving, and the ministries we are able to give back to.


Late September
You will receive your letter requesting you to make a pledge for 2022. If you are a current pledging member, this letter will include the amount that you pledged for 2021.

This will be your time to pray and contemplate your perfect gift to Trinity’s Stewardship. During this time if you should have any questions, please contact Canon Tim, Geer Isdale, Terry Commodore, D’Arcy Carr, Jim Burress, or Diane Myers. After your time of reflection, you have the option of sending in your completed form by mail or online, here, with the link above.


October 24
Stewardship Sunday. Please bring in your pledge card (if you haven’t already) to Sunday’s service. Join us for this very special day when we will gather together in service, and afterward for a brunch to celebrate and show our commitment to God and to Trinity.

2021 Stewardship Recap

Hopefully by now you have received your pledge request letter from the Stewardship Committee. If you have not, please update your address with We also highly encourage you to visit the stewardship page on the Trinity website where you can learn more info as well as complete your pledge form.


The success of the stewardship season drives the richness and expanse of programing and community generosity for the upcoming year. Trinity is always there for us when we need to connect with God or for life’s milestones. Now is the time for us to be there for Trinity.


If pledging is new for you, the following information may help to guide you to determine the level of your gift. Rather than look at these charts to “see what others do”, use the information to reinforce that every pledge is vitally important.
As a repeat pledger, please take a look at the trends and consider increasing your pledge.


For everyone, we ask and encourage you to be as generous as possible. Our goal is to have 125 families make a pledge this year and to exceed $300,000. We thank you for your commitment to Trinity and helping us meet this goal.
Thank You
Many of you have already started pledging for 2022,
thank you for your generosity, and we look forward to growing this list
as the month continues!
Dolores Bauer
Virginia Beltz
Norey Cullen
Andy Dwyer
George & Donna Ellis
Fredrick & Toni Green
John Hattendorf
Robert & Faith Hyde
George & Geer Isdale
Charlotte Johnson
Frank Leith
Anne Livingston
Loeb Family Foundation
Brandon McCormick
Meryl & Jeff Moore
Connie Peckham
Ann Souder
Bill St. George
Harle Tinney
Kathleen Wallace
Kay Winston

Stewardship Myths Debunked

Stewardship provides the funding for infrastructure for Trinity Church so that Trinity is here for our spiritual needs. Stewardship is critical to health of our parish. Many people believe that we are a financially wealthy church and while we are healthy, so much depends on our annual pledges.


Below is some information you may find of interest. Please consider this information as you discern your annual pledge. We urge you to be as generous as you are able.



Stewardship 2022 Begins..


Dear fellow Trinity members:


September begins our fall stewardship campaign.  


Introductory postcards will be mailed next week and letters will be mailed to the parish members at the end of September.
We hope to receive all pledges by October 24th.
We will celebrate the stewardship season on October 24th with a brunch following the
10:00 service in Honyman Hall.


Please keep your eye here on the e-tower for information that can help you determine your stewardship pledge for the upcoming 2022 year.


And know that Father Tim, Deacon Christine, or any member of the Stewardship committee
is available to answer questions or guide you as you reflect on your gifts and prayerfully consider your pledge to Trinity.


Thank you,


The 2022 Stewardship Committee
Geer Isdale, Terry Commodore, Jim Burress, D’Arcy Carr, and Diane Myers